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Wilsonville Tutor Services

Sessions available with Darci Axness:

        • Middle School Math
        • Algebra 1
        • Geometry
        • Advanced Algebra
        • College Algebra
        • Academic Mentoring, which can include:
              • Organization of school work
              • Prioritization of school work
              • Ongoing evaluation of tutoring needs
              • Online grade checks
              • Planner checks
              • Homework receipts
              • Problem solving of learning obstacles
              • Discussions about motivation
              • Communication with school staff
              • Assignment Tracking (WHS only)
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Sessions available with Student Tutors:

Learn more about Student Tutors.

      • Academic Mentoring-limited to:
        • Organization & Prioritization
        • Online grade checks
        • Planner checks
        • Homework Receipts
        • Assignment Tracking (WHS)
      • Mathematics
        • K-5 Math
        • Middle School Math
        • Algebra
        • Geometry
        • Trigonometry
        • Pre-Calculus
        • Calculus AB
      • Sciences
        • Middle School Science
        • Biology
        • Chemistry
        • AP Chemistry
        • Conceptual Physics
        • Physics
        • Anatomy
        • Forensics
        • Oceanography
        • Marine Biology
      • English & Language Arts
        • K-5 Reading
        • K-5 Writing
        • Middle School Language Arts
        • High School English
        • High School AP English
      • World Languages
        • French
        • Spanish
        • Japanese
      • Social Sciences
        • K-5 Social Studies
        • Middle School Social Studies
        • US History
        • World History
        • Vietnam & the 60’s
        • 20th Century World Wars
        • High School Economics
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Is your student struggling in a class that you don't see here?  Please ask us about it to see if we can help!

Assignment Tracking (WHS)

Some students really struggle with keeping track of their assignments & maintaining an accurate planner.  We will be able to help these students more effectively this year! The key to helping these students is knowing exactly what's going on in the classroom.  

In the past, I have pieced together what assignments are due by:

  • referring to teacher blogs (although only a handful of teachers post assignments)
  • checking in with other students that I know have that same class, even 
  • emailing some teachers on a daily basis, which drives them crazy as you can imagine!

None of these methods are as effective and efficient as I'd like, as I need to know about it BEFORE the assignment is late!

This year, we have "Student Trackers." A Student Tracker is a student in your child's class that is extremely organized and has an outstanding attendance record.  This student keeps us informed about current assignments, due dates, upcoming tests, etc.  They are my eyes and ears in the classroom, my "spies" if you will.  Then, when your student comes in, we can check his/her planner to make sure it reconciles with the information we have received from the Student Tracker.

If you choose to participate in this program, it does not mean that your student does not need to learn how to keep track of current assignments for themselves! However, this will give us the information we need to help them stay caught up in the meantime, while they're still learning. It's difficult to know if your student's planner is correct without knowing exactly what should be in the planner.  It will also be a huge help if your student is absent, or gets behind.  If you decide to participate, we will know exactly what your child missed on the day of their absence.  

Think of ASSIGNMENT TRACKING as insurance against late or missing assignments that are caused by:

    • a lack of organization
    • lack of focus in class, and/or 
    • frequent absences
Please contact us if you are interested in getting more information about Assignment Tracking.
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